To participate in the competition, modelers can select the relevant competition category and upload pictures of their models on fnssplasticbattle.com between July 25th and September 5th 2021.

You have to register to fnssplasticbattle.com. After registration, you can upload your model pictures under your user profile page.

You can upload minimum 4 and maximum 12 pictures. Pictures must be in .jpg/.jpeg format and 1600x1200 pixel minimum.

Please click for the competition categories.

You can participate in the competition with any number of models. There are no restrictions about the number of models.

Your model will be evaluated with an online application by the jury. Evaluation system has 4 main criteria, which is given under Competition Rules, artcile 2. And every criteria has different percentage level. For more information please click Competition Rules.

Your award will be delivered by courier services to the address given during registration. If there are any problems, please contact us from [email protected]

Yes, you can use your previous user name and password for this year’s competition as well.

Write down the word you are searching for and press "enter".
Press "ESC" to close.